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    August 2012
    Tramanco supports Australia’s future….

    Tramanco Pty Ltd has joined with Roger and Judith Sack in providing funding to the very successful Pimlico Jubilee Memorial Scholarship Fund.
    The “Jubilee” as it has become known was established by Roger and Judith Sack in 2009 to provide financial assistance to gifted students at Pimlico High School in Townsville.
    Roger Sack was one of the foundation students of Pimlico State High School in 1959 and was both School Captain and Head Prefect during his time there.
    Judith Sack attended Chemistry and Physics classes in years 11 and 12 also at Pimlico, so Roger and Judith both decided some six or seven years ago now to provide financial assistance to selected students in the same way that they had been assisted during their school years with the receipt of financial assistance in the form of scholarships.
    An independant committee of teachers at Pimlico, select students to become Jubliee recipients, students they believe show merit and potential to achieve better things in life and who meet the Jubilee’s motto of: “Rewards equals Effort”
    To date 30 students have received Jubliee Scholar which have been personally funded to date by Roger and Judith.

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