CHEK-WAY Eliminator – Multi axle group on-board scales

Tramanco’s on board scales for trucks and trailers are Australian designed and manufactured. The CHEK-WAY® Eliminator series of electronic on-board scales allows you to accurately acquire the necessary information to:

  • Improve Productivity and Profitability
  • Invoice correctly – no lost loads
  • Print out option for proof of pick-up and/or delivery (P.O.D)
  • Avoid being underloaded or incorrectly loaded
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Reduce expense and lost time at public weigh bridges
  • Immediate on-board quality assurance
  • Fully certified to ISO 9001
  • Fully complies with all current PBS/HML recommendations
  • AUTO-ID® and AUTO-CAL® software for interoperability
  • Reduce Chain of Responsibility exposure immediately
  • Tamper evidential data for compliance purposes

CHEK-WAY® Eliminator communicates with other devices, such as:

  • On-board computers
  • Barcode readers
  • RFID tag readers
  • Android App Phone-Way
  • Transponder systems
  • GPS and GPRS systems
  • 2-way RF data systems

Choose CHEK-WAY® Eliminator for the latest weighing solutions for:

  • Trucks & Trailers
  • Weighbridge’s
  • On-Off Highway
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Mining Industry
  • Waste collection Industry
  • Truck Mounted Cranes and Side-loaders
  • On-Board Electronic Scales


CHEK-WAY® Eliminator Display Unit as configured for a B-Double Truck and Trailers eight-channel-on-board-truck-scales-configuration-1024x584
Typical eight axle group CHEK-WAY® Eliminator configuration

  • 12/24V DC power supply
  • Ignition activated display
  • 3 wire digital multiplexed communications system
  • Multi channel capabilities with AUTO-ID® and AUTO-CAL® for interoperability
  • Used with different weight sensors in any combination:
    • Air or Hydraulic Pressure Transducers
    • Front Axle Transducers
    • Load Cells
  • Dual calibration for lift axles and sliding turntables
  • INS-COM® Software (IN Service COMpliance) for
    • Road friendly suspension Testing, and
    • Last mile access test
  • Dual line LCD backlit display for day/night operation
  • Weights displayed in 10,20, or 50 Kg increments
  • load monitoring and Prof of Delivery
  • Time and Date records
  • Overload alarms
  • In-built diagnostics
  • User friendly, compact, push button operation
  • Digital calibration
  • Password Protection
  • GPS interface
  • In-cabin or external printers
  • Android App Phone-Way
  • Bluetooth
  • Barcode and RFID tag readers
  • Vehicle and driver ID’s
  • Hand held remote weight displays
  • On-board weighing system for all combinations of trucks and trailers
  • Crane scale and Side-loader weighing systems
  • Weighing system for the waste industry:
    • Front end loader
    • Side load lifter
    • Rear end lifter
  • Weighbridge system
  • Customisation to suit user requirements


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Features CHEK-WAY Others
Dual-line display
Back lit display
Display total/s and axle group weights simultaneously
Nett/gross push button
Calibration data stored in Smart-Amp, not metre
AUTO-ID and MANUAL-ID functions
Up to eight axle groups in the one system
Works with
Works with any make or model of load cell technology. (Air, displacement load cells, hydraulic)
Up to eight load cells per group
Total of 64 load cells per system
RF data link
GPS Link
Hand held remote weights display
Remote Interigation Unit to operate scales from a distance (RIU)
In-built data log
Real time clock with date stamp
In-built self diagnostics
Password protected
Security processors
Automatic calibration recording
Standard printer interface
Modular Construction
12 or 24 volt operations
Standard and customised software programs
RFID tag interface
In service conformance for mass managment
Tamper proof and evident data records





 CHEK-WAY Brochure

System Layouts

 A-Double layout

 AB-Triple layout

 Auger layout

 B-Double layout

 B-Triple layout

 Rigid with load cell layout

 Truck and Dog layout

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