• 2nd Edition 2012


    BRAUN Millennium Series-2 Models including L917IB3454RP-2, L917FIB3454RP-2 and L927FIB3452RP-2

    Features to Include:

    Floor to ground travel now extended by 150mm to 1219mm on certain models.

    New hand pendant is rectangular in design and more comfortable. This pendant now features pictograms enabling operator comprehension, regardless of native language. Its design meets CE standard and reduces the production of multiple styles of hand controls to suit individual models.

    Additional safety decals again in pictogram form for easy recognition of potential danger areas to the user.

    Platform lighting now an additional benefit for operators in poor lighting, enhancing safety as well as convenience.

    Pump covers in the series-2 models are manufactured from steel with a pump handle mounted on outside for easy driver/carer access, this cover meets new CE regulations that require a “tool” to remove same.

    Redesigned baseplace now reduces the lift weight and allows for quicker and easier servicing.

    On/Off toggle switch has been added to the rear face of the pump cover, a green light indicates when power is on.

    An emergency latching switch in the form of a large RED button is located on top of the pump cover, when depressed the lift can be immediately stopped, in the case of an emergency, or to simply isolate power to the lift.

    Cycle counter also located on pump cover allows monitoring of lift usage enabling the user to establish a regular service/maintenance regime.

    Visual and audible warning provides notification of unsafe operating conditions.

    All of the above improvements have been introduced by Braun from input received from our Australasian and New Zealand dealers.


    Q’STRAINT wheelchair and occupant restraint systems

    Reminding you that we still carry the Q-5000 system which are the Q-5001-T kits available for new and existing L-Track, Oval and Covered floor pocket installations, Q-5001 for existing older style floor pocket with the narrow slot style opening, both of these models accommodate the Q5-6322 lap belt.

    Accessories available to compliment the Q’Straint systems are the Q5-8522 Mesh Storage Pouch, Q5-7590 Emergency Belt Cutter and the Q5-7580 Webbing Loop for easier wheelchair hook up in difficult position.

    Restraint Storage

    Belt Cutter

    Webbing Loop

    All of these products and accessories are now available ex stock.

    Until next time……..

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