• COVID-19

    Firstly, let me assure you that we are following all the recommendations of the federal government in relation to COVID – 19.

    Secondly, all the stock in our warehouse has been here for well over a month before the outbreak in the USA and elsewhere. Apart from that our products are made from metal and receive large doses of sunlight through the skylights on the roof and:

    1. We have ample stocks of BRAUN, and Q’STRAINT products in our ParaTransit division together with spare parts for same.
    2. We have over 100 Braun wheelchair loaders stock with five (5) containers on order which are due to arrive on a fortnightly basis as they normally do.

    Additional container loads are on order with another new one shipping next week.

    There are two (2) large Q’STRAINT shipments due to arrive over the next two weeks and another large shipment due to leave within the next fortnight.

    As well:

    Our Electronics division has CHEK-WAY®, and KWIK-CHEK® products and components in stock as well.

    1. We have over 300 CHEK-WAY® systems on the shelf.
    2. We have over 300 KWIK-CHEK® systems on the shelf.

    We receive regular emails from our component suppliers that they have taken steps to ensure that the components we require are available.

    So, stay calm, run your business as normal and contact us if you have any enquiries just as you usually do, as we are here to help.

    Thank you for your support and please know that it’s reciprocated.

    Yours sincerely, from
    Roger and Judith Sack, and Team Tramanco
    21st March 2020

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