Transport Compliance Services approved to provide On- Board Mass (OBM) systems linked to the IAP

IAP Service Provider Transport Compliance Services (TCS) is pleased to announce it has obtained approval from Transport Certification Australia (TCA) to support On Board Mass (OBM) systems linked to the IAP.

The use of IAP linked to approved OBM systems give transport operators the opportunity to unlock significant productivity and profitability gains, utilising high productivity vehicles and additional routes.

With TCS entering the OBM market, operators can utilise the approved Tramanco CHEK-WAY® Scale Systems with TCS’s IAP services. The system provides real time monitoring of each axle group mass, allowing transport operators to increase payload on combinations, in consultation with their Jurisdiction.

TCS is a joint venture company owned by MTData, ISS and KeyTrust. The TCS IAP In-Vehicle Unit is manufactured by MTData.

MTData is an industry leader in GPS tracking and fleet telematics with Australian made software, hardware and services. MTData’s comprehensive product suite enables businesses to have a fully integrated fleet management solution including trailer tracking, engine management interface and compliance modules.

Tramanco has been an Australian specialist in supply and installation of on-board weighing systems for heavy vehicles since 1975. The CHEK-WAY® scales have repeatable accuracy, longevity and password protection, providing a new level of management control and opportunity to manage route and mass compliance.

TCS looks forward to working with Transport Operators for their IAP Monitoring Services and Interim On Board Mass systems.

28 August 2014

CHEK-WAY® Eliminator INS-COM® software

The CHEK-WAY® Eliminator INS-COM® software has been patented in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, America and Canada. These patents were issued due to the unique nature of the INS-COM® or In-Service Compliance software package which serves two (2) purposes.

Firstly, it allows the operator to check his suspensions for “Road-Friendliness” or “Suspension Functionality” Which is a requirement for CML and HML in NSW and QUEENSLAND.

This simple test from on board the vehicles means no downtime, or off-road time by taking the vehicle out of service to a “testing station” which will test for “Suspension Functionality”. These tests cost between $3,500.00 and $5,000.00 plus G.S.T. per vehicle, i.e. per suspension group. No doubt competition in the marketplace will reduce these current costs. However, on the other hand the INS-COM® On-Board Test will cost $385.00 (plus G.S.T.). All you do is push a button, and there’s no downtime involved.

Secondly, the INS-COM® Software has a Road Condition Report Module which monitors road conditions such as bumps, potholes, etc and can then automatically send back a report on same which can be linked to a G.P.S. position so that you know where potentially dangerous road conditions exist and take appropriate action, such as:

a) Notifying your drivers,
b) Recording suspension wear and/or damage caused by such road conditions, and, last but not least,
c) Notifying the road authorities of such conditions so that repairs can be targeted at specific areas.

Thus the CHEK-WAY® INS-COM® software becomes a WIN-WIN situation for both the operator and the various state road authorities who can target road repairs which saves both money and lives delivering safer roads , much sooner. Past and current testing by the Queensland Main Roads Department and Queensland Transport on the CHEK-WAY® Eliminator systems have proven both accuracy and system compliance and detailed technical papers and reports are available, on request.

Subject to Australian and International Patents.

Australia: 2004264997
New Zealand: 544487
New Zealand: 583407
South Africa: 2006 / 00543
America: 7,512,520
Canada: 2,534,478

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