TRAMANCO PTY LTD is a family owned and operated Australian company based in Brisbane with dealers throughout Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia.

Roger Sack and his wife Judith Sack are full-time working directors who own TRAMANCO PTY LTD.

The company was started in 1975 by Roger Sack as a one-man operation and now employs 15 staff in Brisbane and several sub-contractors on a full-time basis.

Manufacturing and installation is done by TRAMANCO’s qualified workshop staff under the supervision of the engineering and design staff.

Roger Sack was the first person to introduce a purpose-built wheelchair loader into the Australian market-place in 1982. He has been directly and actively involved with the transport equipment industry since 1965 and is currently a member of various Standards Australia committees which are producing standards for the safety of disabled passengers. (eg AS 2942 and, AS 3856) and is the representative of the Commercial Vehicle Industry Association of Australia (C.V.I.A.A.) on Standards Australia.

He is a member of the Commercial Vehicle Industry Association of Queensland (C.V.I.A.Q.) and has held executive office on the management committee whilst being the driving force behind the formation of the Technical Sub-Committee of this organisation which deals directly with the formation, revision and implementation of A.D.R.’s (Australian Design Rules) for commercial vehicles.

TRAMANCO supply, manufacture and install various purpose-built products such as:

  • BRAUN Wheelchair loaders and BOOMERAMP® ramps for both vehicle mounted, and for static applications.
  • Special tailgate loaders for truck and trailer operation.
  • Heavy Duty Railgates (tailgate loaders) called HDR’s.

TRAMANCO’s electronics division has developed, among other things, a push button radio remote control system for its range of wheelchair loaders, ramps, tailgate loaders and electronic weighing systems.

Static installations of either wheelchair loaders or ramps are also part of the range of services which we offer and we have done several installations at people’s homes.

TRAMANCO won the contract for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games for the supply of wheelchair loaders and there are 250 wheelchair loaders installed in Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans with another 11 units installed in Mercedes Benz 25 seater buses operating in Australia today.

This project was completed 2 months ahead of schedule.

TRAMANCO is the Australasian distributor for the BRAUN wheelchair loaders, Australian distributor for BRUNO wheelchair and scooter hoists and Auto-Adaptmoveable/rotational seats and associated products.

TRAMANCO offers a Service Support Agreement with both a regular maintenance schedule and a breakdown call out facility on a 24 hour per day; 7 days per week basis, throughout its Australia – wide dealer network.

TRAMANCO is a Quality Conscious Company who is certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001:1994 and AS/NZS.10542
TRAMANCO is a Quality Endorsed Company Q.A.S. Certificate No. 10969.

Call TRAMANCO speak to one of their competent staff who will help find a SOLUTION for your accessible equipment requirements.

Thank you for your interest in TRAMANCO, its staff, its Products, and its Services.

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